About Us

We Assured What We Developed

Our Talented Development and Marketing Team Craft the best code and marketing strategies which amaze the more enhancing User Experience / User Interface for our Clients.

A Near many Years of Core Development & Marketing Experiences like you’ve never had before..

We are professional, transparent because of our dedicated team with many years of struggling experiences, built surprising, and attractive products and services. You will concern directly with our higher staff hierarchy to find amazing and smooth task performance from Houston, Texas with 100% result oriented.

Leading Talented Team Members

13 years of experience and a large network of multi-language speaking professionals.

Same Time Zone

We are in Pacific central time, we can share your office hours which will be comfortable.

Solid Infrastructure

A Large, modern office space, a great piece of connectivity rights on the Houston.

Your Culture

We adopted your culture in our team so don’t you worry about the procedure and follow-ups.

Simply Scalable

Start tickle and just grow our team with you.

Easy Startups

You’re just like our staff members, the client is not just a client its seems to be our team members.

Core Values of miniMAX Solution Inc.

Better Commitment:

Word to mouth is spoken development team where work over everything else. Our potential clients and vision are our best guiding..


We motivate our team and never stop learning new things who want to get upgraded then go ahead.

Deliverance on Giving Time-Frame

Deliver things on time getting more values to the client side, our dedicated team can prove that every day, over every deliverance.

Fully Transparent

Openness with our team & clients, we raise all the major and minor issues and provide a simple solution for it.

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