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We offer innovative lead generation services which targeted and engage pro-active chance to provide you the best opportunity to make a sale. Lead generation works for all business. Market trends indicate lead generation services will gain fame in the near future for services-oriented business. The lead generation process is effective for both seller and type buyer because it creates a win-win situation. A buyer can demand information from a different business offering particular products and services. Lead generation is an ideal hope to pitch their services to reach a potential consumer.

More Leads Get More Influence

If you buy Huston lead for sales of your real-time transfers to your sales staff then you’ve come to the right place. miniMAX is the Houston sales lead management service provider trusted by millions of people owners around the world for over 12 years. Backed by industry leading marketing technology, we give your sales team and effectively boost your sales numbers through our b2b lead generation services.

miniMAX are experts is providing to b2b local leads generate for new business. miniMAX takes a consultative approach in the design and management campaign. Some of the signs of our outbound services include:


  • Customized scripting
  • List scrubbing and testing
  • Multilingual/ bilingual capabilities
  • Onshore, Near-Shore, Off-Shore Solutions
  • Web-based or phone surveys tailored to your needs
  • Cross-selling/Up-selling
  • Real-time transfer of leads to sales reps
  • Brochure/literature and product fulfillment
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