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CEO Message

At miniMAX, we are here to build a long-term, more confidential and mutually beneficial partnerships.


The reason we are in business is to provide add tangible values from the very first consultation and throughout the whole things which is a product life cycle of investment. We provide you with the best and most wide-ranging technical consulting and engineering services, product and complete solutions for all your basic and advanced needs. We are covering all the expertise, strategies, competencies, and capacity to implement even the most and heavy demandable technical investments. Our ultimate goal is to make you fully successful.


I highly expect from my team members whether they are developers or marketers to work passionately towards for achieving our potential clients and customers goals.


Iam enjoying to rolling up and getting start new challenges in IT industry, you can mind free to contact miniMAX anytime.

Kind Regards,


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CTO Message

Many thanks for visiting our precious website miniMAX Solution Inc, which is a leading IT Firm. On our site, you will not only find information about what we are doing, and we do to support your project as well. Our development & marketing team strives to stay the latest cutting edge technology to facilitate the research & development, best learning, and administrative activities at miniMAX.
Our dedicated team consists of our potential IT clients to support services the department which encompasses; our business help desk. The single point of contact for all the development and online marketing problems relevance; regarding software support services, who provide offshoring and on-site support and manage all the deployment of CRM, SaaS, ERP and Major IT projects.
The core part of our technology infrastructure group ensures that all the miniMAX servers and networks are smoothly running optimal, highly safe and secure.
Our primary goal for the IT industry is to ensure that you can very easily find and make use of the strategies, proper planning, adequate information and full resources that we have published. We highly encourage you to see the built-in functionality to seek out all the answer in your mind.
As a CTO, I believe that highly professional and have a great knowledge which is the key elements that will keep miniMAX at the forefront for the deliverance of world-class consulting and engineering services of product and services.
Please let us know about your technology or marketing campaign, we have all the possible resources to help you.

Obaid Akhtar Siddique

Chief Technology Officer