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Product Summary:   

Our miniMAX bid management system is fully cloud-based software. The bidder can bid on several items whether it’s electronic, apparel, farming, motor vehicles, and real estate, etc.

We have an admin who is performing the main player of this software after this bidder, consigner and reseller is the second player in this software. This system is active 24/7.


Benefits of Bidding Management Software

Admin Profile:

Admin assigned as a superuser and has full access for the bid management system. Admin module contains admin ID, changing of name, address, contact no., changing in reseller, bidder and consigner profiles. Admin has all the bidding process rights.


Bidder Profile:

The bidder has some special rights like they have to see the bidding sale list, and on-going progress system, also access to the upcoming bidding, access for a particular profile like an invoice, bid activity history, outstanding, pending, paid, and failure invoices and watch list.

The bidding process is running in real time. Also database update in real time too for the user.


Reseller Profile:

Reseller can be added consigner who has the main products, they can add, edit and remove consigner, also reseller module contain on our bid management process consigner list, bidders list, auctions process, on-going auctions and consigner and bidder reports.


Consigner Profile:

Consigner is usually the buyer who can arrange the bidder, in our module we have given some rights to consigner, they can see the on-going auctions process, under the reporting option they can see the bidding list, in progress auction summary, closed auction summary, settlement summary.

Core Values of this Software:

–    The user can review and edit their bidding estimates quickly.

–    Calculate the pricing which is an automated system to identify the bugs and errors.

–    Now user can break up the complex tasks into more manageable pieces.

–    Reduce costs and no more paperwork required.

–    Access the supportive documents instantly and create, organize, and manage all the bid responses in one single arena.

–    One of the best user-friendly cloud-based software.

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