Complaint Management System


Complaint Management System


Mobile Application Development

Product Summary:

Acciones is our mobile app based complaint management system, analysis and investigates the whole complaints. Including both factors which have a negative and positive state of feedbacks which you said the complaints. Besides the positive complaints. Our complaint software is significantly improving your organization with a quality performance by delivering the full ability to responding quickly way to get customer complaints. This app can get you fully satisfied and highest brand reputation.

As we say that “the customer is always right” in regular environments, the Acciones has settered the new trends. The stakes are going too high when the complaints come from the running events. For this sense, many regulated firms are switching on a mobile app or web application system which is fully automated complaining management system.

Features of Acciones:

Complaint Management:

    The core function of our app is managing and reporting for all the customer complaints. It will help you to capture, tracking, analyzing, investigate, accountability, reporting, and any other issues with execution. But analyzing and investigation are necessary for the system.

Launching of Complaint:

    Customer can type and submit their feedback or complaints by the name, email id, phone / cellular number, subject, write the message on the field and then simply click on the submit or send button to launch.


    Log helping out for the complaint report sheets that implement on a daily bases.

Search the Complaint:

    The search engine gives you the whole listings of public complaints against individual and business needs that are the time of the feedback and complaints. Enter the name of the person and their organization name.

Get Complaint Receipt:

   We, associate, receives writing feedback or complaints. It’s required to contact the user. Provide the user with the main copy of the feedback or complaints with surety and supporting materials. On this receipt of the user complaint which is entitled to submit a writing a response which you provide additional and accurate documents.

Feedback or Complaints Status Management and Operation:

    That authorizes your specific power that you examine the allocated area of the department where are not on the process. When you need the best interest of the customer and referring to these concerning department for release the whole information.

Complaint Prioritize Management by Admin Side:

    That’s guide you handling the consumer who complains more deeply and set the discussion why it’s in this business of interest to given the high-end priority to effective feedback or complaints management. Recommendation practically the whole procedure for revising and solve this complex issue in no matter of time. All depends on the management tool where customer set the complaints.


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