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Exhibition / Event Management System

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Feeling overwhelmed with scheduling and manage fair, trade show and events at your places, while concurrently trying to create revenue and pursue a startup business. It’s time to get the best miniMAX Trade Show or Exhibition Management Software which is a professional way for your grounding event management software. Helping out you tame the chaos and running smoothly all the major operation without any hurdles, Ensuring the successful annual fair exhibition and trade show.

Key Benefits of Trade Show / Exhibition Management System
  • Trade Show Level the Marketing Field
  • Exhibition system is affordable by networking and advertising
  • System Get Direct Sales opportunities
  • Lead Generation Potential
What is the Role of Super User (Admin)

Admin has all the rights included agents and clients, admin can set the event, schedule, add agent and user. The admin role is vast because they can register, assigning task and communication logging, checking invoices, and managing, organizing and monitoring all the things.

Agent Account

An agent can selling items to the clients, managing the exhibition data, create booking account, list of clients, and stall data for the exhibitor.


Client Account

Client is like a user, who has only rights for the buying stall and items, the client has some limited access like user profile, essential forms, feedback form, additional items, and meetings module.

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