Hotel Management System

Product :

Hotel Management System


Web & Mobile Application Development

Product Summary:

A miniMAX hotel/restaurant management software has an inclusive cloud-based system which simplifies the end to end technology which has multiple operations such as front-desk system. Billing information, housekeeping records, payments/receipts, POS operation, online booking, cleaning management, reservation system, accountability controlling, and more. By this, you can participate in improving and efficiently growing profitability for the hotel as well as a bigger group.

What miniMAX Hotel / Restaurant Management Software Included:

A miniMAX Hotel / Restaurant System consisting of every little thing that your organization has required to managing your system accordingly. We have integrated with a channel manager and setup booking engine through a streamline your daily operations and bring out for you. We developed a cloud-based hotel/restaurant management system. You will be to run your software while you are on the go. It’s a very smart and easy system.

Define the core features of our Hotel / Restaurant Management System:

Reservation System with Offline Booking Platform:

Work effectively and handles all the things related to the reservations and operations from all the sources.

Check in and out procedures:

  We made the system easier for check in & out system quickly and without any trouble maker. You can book a person and a group of people.

User roles and privileges:

    We have a secure system, where guest, admin and managing staff has their separate system providing access to each group of people by their profession.

Separate rating management:

    We have set up the rating points for the guest and on-going or past occasion which is celebrated on a hotel.

Food and Beverages:

    We have a plan that offered a meal plan for the hotel system. The price menu items and separately menu system for a different type of cooking like Chinese, continental, Italian, French, Asian, Arabic foods and more.

Organizing hotel housekeeping and cleaning staff:

    Touch to the front desk office, we have organized the hotel housekeeping/cleaning staff system into that system which enables you to provide better software experience.

Profile Management:

    As we said above, we have separately assigned a profile for the guest, travel agents, and the firm with the whole details in our cloud-based systems.

Simplified the whole operation:

    An online system that has a lot of benefits, regarding its permanence and several other folio operations.


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