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Project Summary:   

We have the expertise to drive more traffic through the Facebook social network on the medical website with our digital transformation services. we are running social media ads like engage customers, collect patients data and getting reviews from the customers. working on social posts generate creative polls and helping patients by motivating quotes and messages.

Working Strategies:
  • Develop an influence on marketing and running a full flash campaign to increase huge branding.
  • Manage all the influencer, communicate and take followup.
  • Get maximum reaches on posts.
  • Developed Relevant #HashTags on posts, running an influence marketing campaign to introduce the product or services.
  • Create customize pitches and manages all outreach to targeted patients who are suffering in bad health conditions.
  • We can create consistent content strategies to lightening the better brand awareness.
  • Increasing of posts reaches and engagement to drive better traffic from Facebook to the website.
  • Developing posting and content strategies with a focus on the traffic is driven messaging to the client.
  • We can create different style images to highlight the product and services.
  • We are actively monitoring the whole social media campaign for better brand management and mature conversation with our customers.

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Project Screenshots: