Transportation Management System

Transportation Management System

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Product Summary:   

miniMAX Transport management software supporting large, small and middle size agencies, keeping their cost and services competitive and while delivering the significant value on daily base life.

Now there is a bigger opportunity for the transportation service providers and fleet proprietors because of technology changes quickly.

Main Benefits of miniMAX Transportation Management System
  • Providing alert info before it turns down for the bigger problem
  • Fleet Application is integrated
  • Fleet and Logistic software is implemented
  • Scheduling, roasting and all the timely task managing.
  • Reduction in costing and other resources.
  • User and driver different panel, so manage their task individually.
  • An easy way to Shipment Planning and execution.

Sign-up Procedure on the Transportation Management Software

Admin Signup:

Admin can sign-up and having a wholesome right for every modules and feature, and also controlling passengers and transport agents. Talking about the login as admin no other mean passenger and agent can log in as an admin.

Transporter Agent Signup:

Transportation Agent can sign up to view the passenger passengers details like routes, seat layout, and account details.

Passenger Signup:

Passenger can sign up and have the right of the local user panel.

Some of the Core Features for Transportation Management System

Super Admin User Role in Transportation Management System

In transportation management system super admin role is above of all, it has major modules and features to control. Superuser can confirm the transportation agent, bus management option, routes details, city stop management option, driver management, selection of transportation agent, customer management, bus type + amenities included booking cancelation, details, seat layout, star ratings.

We also added coupon promotional code on the transportation management software, view promotional code and edit, add and delete the coupon/promo code.

Transportation Agent Role in the Core System

Transportation Agent can see some of the special modules which containing the bus management, edit, add and delete the bus entries, route details, city stop management, driver management system, customer panel, bus type + amenities for adding, deleting, and editing option.

We also add promo management, view promotional code where admin superuser can add the promotional coupon code items.

What Passenger can do in TMS

The passenger has some few right like user profile management, rate to the travel agent services, give reviews/feedback, view their booking details.

In-seat booking panel passenger can manage the add trip details, search the near busses, view multiple buses as on the required account, seat layout management, seat fare as per condition and wholesome calculation.

Where we have added a payment method which is a very secure and reliable system.


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